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Family law can differ in all sorts of different ways, from issues of divorce and separation, pre-nuptial agreements and financial relief.

Often when a couple get divorced or separate, they have mutual financial interests, usually in property, although they may have business interests as well. This is an incredibly difficult time for both parties involved so we try to understand exactly what people want so that the best possible conclusion can come about. We also help for the dissolution of a civil partnership.

Cohabitation is when a couple moves in together but they are not married. A married couple separating is in a different legal position to an unmarried couple so we can advise on these issues. Pre-nuptial agreements can help make clear who owns precisely what in case there is a breakdown in a relationship, and if separation does come about, agreements of this nature can help people keep their own assets.

Abbey Law can help when it comes to the legalities involving children, and this can include aid on disputes between parents who may have separated, protecting children from domestic abuse and bullying and stopping children from becoming homeless.

Financial relief is the name given to resolve the financial issues arising out of any divorce or judicial separation. When a Court considers resolution of financial issues the starting point is an equal division of the capital assets of the marriage.

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