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Our specialist immigration lawyers make applying for permission to live and work in the UK an easy and stress-free procedure. You may be working in a multi-national organisation and looking to bring staff into the UK, or you might be an individual wanting to make their stay more regular.

Whatever your circumstances, our immigration team can help.

We guide employers to make sure that they do not fall short of the immigration rules. If you're looking for advice on the Points Based System or help with immigration compliance, we can help.

If you are seeking to invest in the UK, or you want to apply for indefinite leave to remain a British citizen, contact us for professional, friendly, cost effective advice. We are also able to assist with family member applications and matters based on Human Rights or European law, with extensive experience in appeals and judicial review.

You might need a sponsor licence to employ someone from outside the European Economic Area and this includes unpaid work, even if you run a charity. We can help in this regard. We can also advise you on immigration compliance audits because failure to carry out the proper checks can result in your company being liable to criminal or civil proceedings.

Our expertise also extends to helping people with visas for their spouses because in recent years it has become more complex to bring a non-British spouse to the UK. We can help if you are trying to secure a visitor visa for a friend and any other visa issues you have as well.

Abbey Law can help with settlement and nationality services, which involves your local authority helping to prove where you are from and they can check your forms are correctly filled in, and we can guide you through the appeals process if you have been unsuccessful in your immigration case.

Entrepreneurs living outside the UK wanting to invest in this country can also receive help from Abbey Law.

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