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Shariah Law- How We Can Help

Sharia Law is the legal system of Islam and is derived from the Koran and fatwas.

Sharia Law acts as a code for how all Muslims should live whether that includes fasting, prayers and donations to the poor.

It also deals with many topics, including crime, politics, marriage contracts, trade regulations, religious prescriptions, and economics.

Adherence to Sharia has served as one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Muslim faith historically, which is why it is so important that businesses follow it just as much as individuals.

Sharia can inform every aspect of daily life for a Muslim and therefore we have a wealth of experience in dealing with Sharia compliant issues and services.

We understand that to the Muslim community it is very important that religious obligations are also fulfilled as well as complying with legal duties that people have.

We can write wills specific to Islam, as well as conduct divorce proceedings and we can ensure leases comply with Sharia Law.

We are able to prepare Islamic Wills and deal with Islamic divorces and ensure leases are Sharia compliant.

A Muslim cannot lend money to another person or receive money and expect to benefit because this is not allowed under Sharia Law, so money can only be made through the investments in assets and trade.

It is therefore very important to ensure that businesses that follow Islam conduct themselves so that they do not fall foul of Sharia Law.

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