We aim to provide transparency in our fee structure. Where ever possible we aim to provide a fixed fee. In complex matters we may charge you an hourly rate. The hourly rate varies according to the seniority of the fee handler. Our hourly rate varies from £120 – £350 per hour.

Immigration Law
Immigration Law Net Price £
Visit Visa 750
Spouse Visa 1250
Further leave to Remain 1000
Indefinite Leave to Remain Application 1250
Nationality Application 850
Transfer of Conditions/ Passport lost with visa/ILR 500
Travel Document 500
Appeals to the First Tier Tribunal - First Stage 500
Appeals to the First Tier Tribunal – Second Stage 500
Appeals to the First Tier Tribunal – Third Stage 500
Permission to Court of Appeal 600
Bundle preparation to Court of Appeal 600
Administrative Review 600
Further Representations, Reconsiderations, Statement of Additional Grounds 500 - 1000
Please note urgent applications will attract an additional fee of £500 plus VAT.
Paper Appeals to First Tier Tribunal 800
Bail application including Rep Fee 2000
Judicial Review 2000
Judicial Review — Permission for Oral Hearing 500
Tier 1 Innovator/ Starter Up 5000
Tier 1 Dependant Visa 750
Tier 2— Main Applicant 1000
Tier 2 - Dependant 500
Tier 4- Main Applicant 700
Tier 4- Dependant 500
Attendance at Premium Service 350
Fee Waiver Application 400
Setting Up Evisa Account 500

Please note these fees do not include disbursements and VAT.