Where possible we will always offer you a fixed fee. However, at times we may have to charge you an hourly rate which will be £250 plus VAT per hour. It is best to contact us so we can discuss the matter with you and provide you with a fixed fee.

Writing a Letter to the Police – If you have received notification of intended prosecution we can try persuading the police to not issue court proceedings against you - our fees are £600 plus VAT

Written Representations or Written Mitigation – our fees are £700 plus VAT

Represented Mitigation when guilty plea - our fees are £1000 plus VAT

Application to Remove a Ban Early – our fees are £1000 plus VAT plus court fees

Written Exceptional Hardship/Special Reasons Argument – our fees are £700 plus VAT

Represented Exceptional Hardship/Special Reasons Argument – our fees are £1250 plus VAT

Contested Trial/Not Guilty Plea – our fees are £1000 plus VAT

We will fully prepare your case for trial to include witness statements and make detailed representations to the CPS where appropriate to try and get them to withdraw the proceedings without the need for trial. We will deal with all issues in relation to disclosure. We will deal with the court and apply for adjournments where necessary.

Should the matter proceed to a trial – our fees are a further £500 plus VAT.

This fixed fee does not include expert reports or barrister fees.

Drink Driving and Dangerous Driving Related Cases

If you are facing a very serious allegation with serious consequences or if the case is extremely complex then we will discuss with you in advance acting on an hourly rate basis. Our hourly rate is £250 plus VAT.

We will give you an estimate of our costs when you instruct us and we will continue to provide cost information and updates on a regular basis. It is highly dependant on the facts of your case and our fees can range from £3000 plus VAT to £10,000 plus VAT. This does not include expert fees.

Road Traffic Law