The UK is well known to have more CCTV per capital than anywhere else in Europe. This includes the growing number of speed cameras and automatic detection devices increasing year on year. Many people will find themselves asked to attend Court at some point in their driving careers.

Meanwhile more and more individuals and families rely on their driving licences to meet family, career and financial commitments. Almost every job you apply for asks whether you can drive. As your driving licence is an important document especially if you rely upon it for your livelihood it is important that we assist you in protecting it.

If you are asked to attend Court in respect of a road traffic matter, we can arrange to represent you across England and Wales so please do not hesitate to contact us regardless of which Court you have been asked to attend.

Motoring offences are a common occurrence and a particular hazard for business people on the move, our expert motoring solicitors can help represent you and help you to retain your driving licence. Even in cases where a disqualification is mandatory, reducing the length of time spent disqualified can get people back working several months earlier than they would otherwise. Our ability to drive is essential.

Road Traffic Law


We understand that the prospect of attending Court can be daunting, but when coupled with the risk of being disqualified from driving it can be overwhelming. Losing your licence can have an impact on your employment and your family life as you would not be able to go out in the car for family trips or to chauffeur your children around or assist elderly relatives who may need driving to hospital appointments.There are many road traffic offences that may lead to a Court appearance, and to seek legal advice early on is crucial.Abbey Law can offer you a friendly personalised service whereby we can put you at ease and explain the whole process to you. We will meet you and take your full instructions. We will advice you on your matter and help you decide which plea you should enter and how to prepare for any hearings. Alternatively, whether we need to obtain medical report or other expert evidence in order to present a full defence.

Our aim is to help you protect your licence and your freedom to continue driving.

If you or a family member has been charged with a road traffic offence and your driving licence is at risk, we can help. Call our office for a consultation. We make it a priority to achieve the best possible result for you, the client.

All of this at a reasonable rate and often on a fixed fee basis.


Our fees can be agreed on a fixed fee basis.

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